How to choose the best SEO Agency?

How to choose the best SEO Agency?

Do you want to create a website for your business?

Are you finding leads for your business?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Different SEO agencies are here, which can grow your business double or Tripple than now.

How to choose the best SEO Agency?

How to choose the best SEO Agency

SEO is one of the most misunderstood, and most widely scammed businesses in which many companies follow black hat strategies, which can be dangerous for your business in the future.

After applying those strategies, maybe your site rank on search engines, but after a few days or months, your site will automatically derank from google and other major search engines.


There are many businesses all over the world that will promise to guaranteed top rankings for your site but have very very little knowledge of what it actually takes or what SEO actually is.

Many SEO agencies usually fall into one of the groups below:

  • Do SEO Unethically.
  • Say they do SEO but actually they don’t.
  • Those that actually know SEO and do SEO.

Because of these reasons, it’s very important to choose the right SEO Agency.

The below questions will help you to weed out those spammy SEO companies that are just out to take your hard-earned money and provide very little value into the return.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A SEO Company

There are many unethical SEO companies and individuals, who are just looking for money and don’t have any interest in growing your business. To find out the right company you have to ask these questions to them.

1. Do you have a detailed and well-established SEO process?

When we ask this question to the agency they reply that “it’s the top-secret” or “we don’t give away our secret sauce”. But in reality, it’s not a secret it’s just spam. The answer to This question gives the top conclusion about the company. It’s mean they didn’t have any strategies for their work and they make excuse like “Its the secret process“.

These responses are just stupid! In today’s time, nothing is secret. Everything is open to Google. Even very large companies like Moz reveals thousand of google’s algorithm secret.

They either mean that the SEO company doesn’t have a process and any methodology, and they have is built upon spam tactics.

2. Do you include custom monthly reports outlining metrics and strategies?

One of the best signs of the right SEO Agency is that they provide monthly reports of what they have done in that month for your business site. Most spammy SEO companies only show you the end result. They won’t provide insights reports into the details that lead the result; such as backlinks they’ve earned and the value that their marketing strategies have provided.

But the question is why they don’t want to show you how awesome they are? and the awesome links they have bought for you? The Simple thing is, they didn’t have earned anything of value and they are hiding their spam.

The genuine agency will give you monthly reports of everything they had done for you without your asking.

3. Do you include SEO training?

Doing an introductory SEO training seminar for the team can be a great way to get to know about your SEO company and the team members that you’ll be working with.

This is a part of the overall SEO process and you can only bypass it if you don’t want it as a business. This can be helpful for growing your business


4. Do you provide a list of people who will be working on my SEO?

It’s a very important point that many people don’t ask the company. It’s necessary to Knowing who will be working on your account, and their role in the agency is important according to their knowledge.

Many times agencies or companies don’t choose a client team based on their experience that each team member has.

Usually, They cast a team member based on:

  1. Who has free time?
  2. Or they assign a junior people to your account, to keep their cost down and profit high.
  3. Team members, who don’t know to your business.

Neither are inherently bad, but it’s your right to know who will be working on your brand before signing the contract. aadhar status by name

5. Do you have testimonials from well-established businesses and people?

By using testimonials you can make your decision for working with that company. For getting the best result, make sure the SEO company has:

  • A diverse set of reviews from authoritative people, who succeed in their business.
  • The names, titles, and business for each of the people who have given a testimonial – feel free to get in touch with these people on LinkedIn and other social media to make sure they are real.

You can ask the people about their experience with the company who has given the testimonial. Pan card status by name and date of birth


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